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Treating Your Child's Ear Infection
By AAA Pediatrics
August 01, 2019
Category: Pediatric Care

An ear infection occurs when fluid builds up in the middle ear. Children get ear infections more often than adults. If your child has an ear Ear-Infectioninfection, you should make an appointment with your pediatrician. Your child should start feeling better within a couple of days after visiting the doctor. Led by Dr. Oscar Sugastti and Dr. Griselda Meza, AAA Pediatrics (located in Woodbridge, VA) treats all kinds of pediatric conditions including ear infections. Keep reading to find out how ear infections are treated.

Diagnosis: An ear infection should not be diagnosed over the telephone. Your pediatrician in Woodbridge should examine your child. Children with ear infections should be seen within 24 hours. However, an emergency room visit isn't necessary unless ordered by your child's doctor. During the exam, the doctor will take a brief history and carefully examine your child's ear, checking the appearance and movement of the eardrum.

Home Care: You can help your child in several ways. Offer fluids (water), often and in small amounts, especially if they have a fever. Give pain relieving medication if your child is in pain, such as ibuprofen (Advil) or paracetamol (Panadol). Keep your child away from school or childcare until he or she is better. Give your son or daughter plenty of rest, with quiet activities at home.

Treatment: Some infections will get better on their own, so your child's doctor may recommend watchful waiting offering a prescription for antibiotics for your child. This means that the pediatrician may wait a couple of days before deciding to prescribe antibiotics, while treating your child's symptoms. If your child doesn't get better in a few days, the doctor may recommend starting antibiotics. The doctor may also prescribe eardrops to treat the infection.

An ear infection can affect your child's daily activities and make life frustrating and miserable. Don't delay- call AAA Pediatrics at (703) 580-6400 right now to schedule an appointment for your child in Woodbridge, VA. We will help your child achieve relief with little trouble or expense.